What we do

Across Africa, the need for pre-project support and greater institutional capacity currently restricts the scale-up of much-needed instant and inclusive payment systems.

We provide critical pre-project planning support to expand the broader pipeline of fundable, instant and inclusive payment system projects.

Project definition and vision

Supporting project owners to define project objectives and design principles, as well as identify, convene and align key payments stakeholders.

Scheme design and structuring

Supporting project owners in developing project work plans and budgets, and identifying project facilitators, technical assistance and implementation partners.

Readiness assessments

Working with project owners to determine the economic feasibility of a potential deployment. Assess if deployment is instant and inclusive, and identify areas in project design where AfricaNenda can support.

Advocacy and policy support

Generating interest in instant and inclusive payment systems by disseminating information, meeting with potential project owners and convening key private sector stakeholders.

We enhance the capacity of African institutions, payments experts and other key stakeholders to support the development and growth of instant and inclusive payment systems.

Institutional capacity building

Helping to build capacity in the market by providing seconded technical experts and ad hoc technical assistance to support pan-African institutions in scaling digital payments initiatives.

Knowledge sharing

Convening stakeholders across the African payments ecosystem to share experiences and best practices, and to accelerate the agenda for universal financial access across the continent.

Instant and inclusive payment system tools

Building actionable and evidence-based tools, playbooks and trainings on instant and inclusive payment systems, in order to reduce the cost and complexity of project initiation and design.

Digital payments training

Supporting the training of the next generation of African payments talent in partnership with top professional development institutions.