SIIPS Report

The State of Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems in Africa (SIIPS) report is an AfricaNenda's initiative together with the World Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

The SIIPS report aims to inform payment actors in Africa and beyond about the developments in the instant retail payment system (IPS) ecosystem on the continent.

This first edition highlights the current landscape of instant payment systems, including an assessment of the inclusivity of such systems, through their accessibility to all end-users, their capacity to ensure fair access and design input opportunities for all licensed payment providers.

The report also dives into end users' experiences pointing to the fact that IPS are still far from meeting all consumers' payment needs.

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IPS Case Studies

The SIIPS report 2022 includes four case studies presenting in-depth three domestic and one regional IPS. The case studies provide details on the origin, governance structure, regulation business model and value proposition of each of the four systems, as well as different lessons from these payment systems. The case studies include:

Download the GhIPSS case study (Ghana)

Download the NIBSS case study (Nigeria)

Download the PesaLink case study (Kenya)

Download the TCIB case study (SADC)

SIIPS Report Videos

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