SIIPS Consumer Research Insights: Nigeria

18 May 2023

The State of Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems (SIIPS) in Africa report is an AfricaNenda initiative, together with the World Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It is an annual think piece that is developed from a detailed assessment of instant payment systems in Africa, through mixed research methods that involve conducting an in-depth industry analysis to establish key trends, best practices, and benchmarks, to inform the development and scaling of instant and inclusive payment systems to accelerate financial inclusion in Africa.

The State of Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems in Africa report, SIIPS – Africa 2022, is the inaugural edition. The report aims to inform public-sector and private-sector players in Africa and beyond about the developments in the instant retail payment system (IPS) ecosystem in Africa, including an assessment of the inclusivity of such systems, both in functionality (the extent to which they are accessible to all end-users) and governance (the extent to which all licensed payment providers have fair access and design input opportunities). For this report, only systems with live transactions and functionality as of June 2022 were included. The data in this report was gathered from publicly available resources from March to July 2022, and it was supported by extensive stakeholder interviews during the same period.

The consumer research was conducted between May and June 2022. It involved extensive in-country qualitative and quantitative research covering low-income adult individuals and MSMEs across seven countries namely; The Democratic Republic of Congo Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia. This consumer research exercise will be replicated in different countries each year, and insights will contribute to the annual SIIPS report content.

This is the Nigeria focus report. The sample is not nationally representative, as this exercise was intended to draw out insights to inform how IPS can be designed to better meet the needs of end-users.

Click the link below to download the Nigeria focus report.

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