AfricaNenda collaborates with Guinea on digital public goods platform

12 September 2023

Conakry, Guinea – September 12th, 2023 – AfricaNenda, an African-led organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of inclusive payment systems, is proud to announce its partnership with the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Guinea in launching a national switch proof of concept based on a Digital Public Goods Platform. This pioneering initiative marks the first-ever implementation in West Africa.

The partnership demonstrates the government's commitment to advancing financial inclusion in Guinea and harnessing the country’s potential to drive innovation in digital payments. AfricaNenda has designed this intervention in alignment with Guinea's ongoing implementation of the national strategy for financial inclusion, SNIF (Stratégie Nationale d’Inclusion Financière 2020-2023). The pilot aims to demonstrate the interoperability of payment systems, build capacity among stakeholders, and collect the data needed to extend the initiative (post-pilot phase), and ultimately improve access to financial services.

The pilot project, scheduled to run from September 2023 to February 2024, demonstrates AfricaNenda's commitment to fostering financial inclusion, building capacity, and accelerating innovation in Africa's digital payments landscape. Licensed financial institutions, including microfinance institutions, mobile money operators, banks and fintech companies, will be actively involved.

As part of promoting local expertise, Guinean engineers and systems integrators will play a central role in implementing the project. AfricaNenda will collaborate with Guinean fintech Technolyne to enhance digital payments within local financial institutions. Their active participation, coupled with the inclusion of additional Guinean experts, position this collaborative project strongly for fostering innovation. Furthermore, the project will leverage ThitsaWorks' extensive global experience in financial inclusion, especially in digitizing payments for microfinance institutions, through the utilization of the Mojaloop platform.

The insights gained from this project will be instrumental in enhancing the national switch project even further, propelling Guinea's digital financial landscape towards greater success.

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