Roundtable 1: The Inclusive Payment Revolution

9 September 2021

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 09 Sep 2021

On 9 September, AfricaNenda convened a roundtable on The inclusive payment revolution as seen from a business and consumer perspective that brought together prominent multi-sector experts and stakeholders within the field of financial inclusion and inclusive payment systems on the African continent.

The discussion topics centred around financial technology and market trends, and ways in which the gender gap can be narrowed from a business and consumer perspective. Some of the financial technology and market trends mentioned included:

  • Increase in cross border mobile money transaction was observed during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Mobile penetration and interoperability are key challenges in the field of financial inclusion
  • Rural penetration and access to digital payment systems will increase as data prices decrease
  • Africa’s young population are likely to take up digital payments with ease

The discussion on how to narrow the gender gap from a business and consumer perspective included perspectives such as:

  • Allowing for deliberate structural, regulatory and policy amendments will allow more representation of women in the financial inclusion space
  • Recognising heterogeneity of women helps design better products that create value
  • Using an equity lens to gender mainstreaming is not an opportunity but an obligation that the industry should adopt

What trends do you see influencing inclusive payment systems in Africa? Share your thoughts with us!


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