AfricaNenda Research
The State of Instant Payments in Africa: Progress and Prospects

This short AfricaNenda Report (2021) explores the state of financial inclusion in Africa and the role that inclusive instant payments play in achieving inclusion for all. The report is a preview to AfricaNenda’s upcoming annual State of Instant Payments in Africa 2022 report, which will zoom further in on the themes and questions explored in this document.

Technical guide
The Level One Project Guide, 2019

The Level One Project is an initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor (FSP) program and focuses on enabling financial inclusion by meeting the needs of low income users—both individuals and merchants—as well as the DFSPs that serve them.

Technical guide
Building Faster Better: A Guide to Inclusive Instant Payment Systems

This guide by William Cook, Dylan Lennox, and Souraya Sbeih (2021) offers insights for policy makers, financial service providers, and other actors involved in driving interoperability in digital payments.